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Climate Change and Energy Security

On behalf of our Governors, SGA monitors federal and administrative actions seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or promote energy independence to ensure that federal policy considers the best interests of Southern states. The South is home to the most significant reserve of natural and energy resources in the contiguous United States. Southern Governors are committed to promoting domestic energy in order to reduce the region’s and the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, while also protecting the South’s vast natural resources.

Under the leadership of SGA 2009-10 Chairman, former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, SGA focused in on these issues by providing a forum for member Governors to explore together federal, regional and state policy options for climate change and energy security. The goal of this initiative was to start a dialogue between Governors, their policy staff and energy advisors about the South’s role in the Federal debate on climate change, opportunities to mitigate the impact of climate change on a state level, and prospects for regional collaboration. This initiative resulted in the publication of the white paper report “Southern Regional Economic Assessment of Climate Policy Options and Review of Economic Studies of Climate Policy” prepared for SGA by the Center for Climate Strategies. The report gave provided Governors with information to help them identify cost effective policies and strategies that could be implemented independently at the state level to address concerns about the impacts of climate change.

SGA's Federal Climate and Energy Activities Weekly Roundup