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Annual Meetings

SGA’s Annual Meeting – considered by many policy professionals to be the leading opportunity to learn what Southern Governors are thinking and doing – brings state chief executives together with their private-sector counterparts and members of the international community for three days of high-level discussions on issues of importance to the progress and prosperity of the American South.

Over the years, this forum for envisioning has addressed many diverse topics such as innovation as a driver of job creation, international economic development, climate change, equity in Federal program funding, workforce development, improvements in education, environmental conservation, interstate emergency medical assistance,  offshore drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf and many more.  The result of these deliberations has provided the basis for SGA's work within the region, as well as efforts to advance regional interests at the federal level -- in Congress and with the Administration.

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SGA's 2015 Annual Meeting will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, from October 15 - 16Click here to register.