About SGA

About Southern Governors' Association

Founded in 1934, Southern Governors' Association (SGA) is the oldest and historically the largest of the regional governors' associations. Since its inception, SGA has represented the common interests of Southern states' chief executives and provided a vehicle for promoting them. SGA supports the work of Southern Governors by providing a bipartisan, regional forum to help shape and implement national policy and solve regional problems.

In recent years, the South has become the dominant region in the country ?볛€?a region characterized by innovation, growth and opportunity. Southern Governors are at the forefront of key changes in the region, and through SGA, these leaders have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, explore common issues, address pressing problems, coordinate regional collaborative initiatives and promote regional accomplishments.

In 2009, SGA celebrated its 75th anniversary and created an extensive exhibit showcasing the American South's remarkable transformation from what President Franklin D. Roosevelt called "the nation's #1 economic problem" in 1934 to what is considered the world's third largest economy today. Click here to view "A Legacy of Progress."

In 2013, Southern Growth Policies Board (SGPB), a think tank based in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park for more than 40 years, was dissolved and some of its research and policy work was absorbed by SGA.  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill maintains the SGPB archives, including the annual Future of the South report for those interested in reviewing SGPB's work.  Click here to read the most recent edition of the Future of the South.

The association's membership is composed of the Governors of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia and West Virginia. More SGA History

Vision and Mission

Southern Governors??Association (SGA), founded in 1934, is the oldest and historically the largest of the regional governors' associations. SGA is a nonpartisan enterprise where shareholders can exchange views and access data, information and expertise on issues of general importance in order to augment the deliberations of public, private and non-profit decision-makers in the American South.

2014 Executive Committee

Jay Nixon
Governor of Missouri


Mike Beebe
Governor of Arkansas

Steven L. Beshear
Governor of Kentucky

Mary Fallin
Governor of Oklahoma

Bill Haslam
Governor of Tennesse

Pat McCrory
Governor of North Carolina